A new beginning

By Natalia Hatton | Blog

Apr 25

God’s work is deep, extravagant and personal.  Tailored made for the one who stands before Him in need.  And how I love that when I reflect back on where I was, where I am and where I am going…knowing that God has done a work only He can do.

At the moment we are studying Revelation at the in-depth bible study I go to.  The phrase ‘a new name’ has been sitting with me this morning as I sit here with the question I’ve been asked of late – “Why don’t you have the blog ‘A mum in waiting’ anymore and have this new one?”

In 2012 when God saw the first book unfold I was still broken, floundering, searching and in need.  I see the wisdom in the book happening then, as it allows others in that space to connect.  What followed was the blog in question, and that too made sense for the three years it was in existence.  It was a time we were continuing to do IVF, grappling with our reality and again people in that space were able to connect.

However over that time God was working, growing me, changing me.  And in the final year of the blog I struggled to sit and write about mothers day and the anniversary of our trying for a family in a way that was relevant to those still in the space of struggle.  Rather my heart was overflowing with how God had restored me and loved me back to life.  I was captivated by the adventure He was leading me on of more of Him, of stepping into what He was unfolding.

When I looked back to where I had been and thought of those who came across my book and blog who were understandably in that space I’d been I knew that it wasn’t a right fit.  When you are broken and struggling the last thing you want is someone in your face who is all shiny with joy.  When you are trying to come to terms with God and questioning so much, the last thing you want is a person overflowing with that which you don’t feel to be true.  That is why the life of the blog has been put into the second book, and is no more.

Yes I can still connect with those God brings across my path.  I can still walk along side those in that space and point them to an extravagant, personal God.  In fact it’s my privilege to and I love that my story can be used.  And those two books are there as a resource and very much God ordained.  But I am in new beginnings.  I am in a different space.  And in that I want to be aware, to have sensitivity and be guided by my God’s wisdom and unfolding.

So that is why ‘A Mum in waiting’ blog is no more.  Because I am renamed if you will.  That broken, desperate girl in waiting is no more.  Rather a healed, vibrant, expectant girl is here.  And so those who want to go on that journey can, and those who find it too much can leave it be.

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Natalia has bravely written two books that show a road not often talked about … infertility. She is real and vulnerable in it. Yet you see how God can turn broken pieces of her life into something beautiful, where deep faith and rich growth are seen.

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