The small things

By Natalia Hatton | Blog

Apr 28

Yesterday I had a lovely catch up with a friend, we met up while her boys were at the movies.  After picking some new walking shoes for her we chatted over a sandwich and tea.  Then I went on my way and made a pit stop before getting home.  Amidst the fruit and veggies I grabbed a small pot of honey and was so looking forward to having a slice of grain toast with a smear of that on there.  When my man got home I excitedly showed him the cute little pot of honey and said how much I love the small things in life.

The joy I get from small stuff got me thinking.  In the frantic pace of life, the demands and realities so many seem to not notice the small stuff, not make decisions on what will bring them a little slice of happiness, just so stuck in the rut of what is and what should be.  But why?

While we were looking for my friends walking shoes the lady did a smart up sell on socks.  To be fair they were a great buy and I would have gotten in on it if it weren’t for the fact that the only colours on offer were black, grey or white.  If you look in my sock draw there is not a single pair that are not fun and will bring me a slice of happiness as I put them on and get glimpses of them throughout the time of wearing them.

I think life is complex, demanding and stretching enough on many fronts so when it comes to the small things I ensure I notice them, enjoy them and make sure it’ll give me that smile wanted.

I’ve been told I’m not a proper adult on a number of occasions and I’m good with that.  Our friends daughter said “I love you’re not a proper adult” as we were walking towards the pool for an after dinner swim on holiday.  I laughed and asked her why she thought that.  She said it’s because other adults wouldn’t spend hours on a water slide or in a pool and would certainly not get their hair wet and have to shower again after a nice dinner out.  The other was again at the pools and going down water slides for my nieces birthday.  Her friends remarked to my sister that I wasn’t a proper adult because I just kept going down the slide, was so into it and joined in on their silly noises game as I did.

When making my wonderful mans lunch for each day he heads off to work it can get a bit tedious.  Those are the days that I make hearts, initials or smiley faces with the condiments.  I love that inside the ordinary is a hidden little bit of awesomeness and love. How can that not turn it around to be fun instead of a monotonous job that has been day in and day out for fourteen plus years.  Trust me, there are ways to make most jobs fun…from the daily grind of breakfast where instead of doing your own my man makes the drinks and I get the food so there is a slice of couple-ness in there.  Closing the blinds at night we play a game of who loves who the most by racing to see who can do the most, ah the hilarity as we try to outsmart one another. Or having worship music loud and dancing and singing as you do the housework, to listening or watching something as you prep dinner and so much more.

Sure I can be serious and appropriate when needed in a business meeting and so forth.  But when I’m able to enjoy and be child like why not?  And when I can buy fun socks or boring socks why not go for the fun.  And when I want some honey why not go for the cute pottle over the ordinary one.  And when the daily grind can be turned into something enjoyable that brings laughter. It’s the small things that can be altered and enjoyed in the day to day life.    It’s children who play the games, make the noises and aren’t afraid of how they appear or what people think that have the most fun.  It’s the small things that you will notice kids make the most of and somewhere in the growing up process adults lose. But why?  Who made those ‘rules’ and why do so many follow?

Can I encourage you today to notice and enjoy the small stuff as you go about the necessary elements of your life?

Can I challenge you to tweak decisions so that you get more chances to have a smile beam across your face?

For life was made for living, for enjoying, for experiencing to the fullest.

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Natalia has bravely written two books that show a road not often talked about … infertility. She is real and vulnerable in it. Yet you see how God can turn broken pieces of her life into something beautiful, where deep faith and rich growth are seen.

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