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Nov 23

Where is our safe place in the midst of this chaotic world?  For those of you also in Auckland it’s been fourteen weeks and counting in lockdown where life does not look the same.  There is a sense of loss, sadness, anger, frustration, disappointment, concern, struggle, loneliness and the list goes on as you listen to those around and also process your own emotions on the times that are. 

There has been a big impact on peoples well being and livelihoods.  There has been a seen and unseen toll because of the conflicting and confusing information been given on what the road ahead looks like, on what is able to be done and not, on how further division is created with what is actually unfolding as we are on the cusp of a new system.  

It’s easy to lose sight of where your safety lies.  It’s easy to buy into the sense of uncertainty and fear.  It’s easy to get lost in the chaos that is.  But if we are still for long enough there is a whisper reminding us that our safe place is not actually shaken.  If we seek consistently then we will be confident, hopeful, assured, comforted and even strengthened.  We can choose to be in thriving mode rather than survival mode.  

During the study of Matthew at the in depth bible study these past weeks over zoom there has been this tug to truth that is not being diluted, disturbed or disparaged.  I am reminded that my place of belonging, thriving and safety is with Jesus and my wonderful man.  This is my unchanging, joyful and anchoring reality.  

In that space and altered perspective I can look to all the places that aren’t defined by what is and rather allow it to refine me, as the ugly is exposed and growth is needed.  I can allow my shift in thinking to make these days count as my priorities are rebalanced, as my choices match what I’m purposed for.  I can bring God into the big and small of my life all the more consistently and intentionally so I may discover rest, clarity and expectation once again. 

It’s no secret I am crazy in love with my husband.  He makes me laugh, he listens to my highs and lows, he gives sound input when I am unsure, he reminds me of the bigger picture when I get lost in the smaller picture.  Our differences remind me to show compassion, to respect, to give space to those others in my community of life.  

Psalms is what is currently being unpacked at church and as I look up verses about safety in God it’s no surprise that of the 84 that have popped up many are from Psalms.  The two that just nestle into my heart are – 

Ps 54:4 Behold, God is my helper, the Lord is the upholder of my life 

Ps 118:8 It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man 

What is your safe place?  What is your mind and heart lingering on?  Who’s ‘truth’ are you letting resonate within?  How I pray that all our answers can be God, God and God because that will be the safest place for us to abide during these pressing times.  


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Natalia has bravely written two books that show a road not often talked about … infertility. She is real and vulnerable in it. Yet you see how God can turn broken pieces of her life into something beautiful, where deep faith and rich growth are seen.

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